Commercial Door, Window & Curtain Wall Suppliers

Creative Aluminium Solutions Ltd. has the capabilities and experience to cater for any commercial door, window or curtain wall project for a broad spectrum of customers within the building and construction industries.

Working closely with architects, surveyors and building contractors, we will work to set manufacture and delivery timescales, as well as provide an installation team when required and a follow up aftercare service on a national level.

Through our vast portfolio of products Creative Aluminium Solutions Ltd. can provide door, window and curtain wall solutions to various industries including the public sector such as education, healthcare and leisure; office blocks and corporations; hotels and restaurants; and housing developments such as apartment blocks.

So, whether you’re a developer looking to add windows to a ten storey apartment block or an architect looking to add that ‘wow’ factor with folding sliding doors to a new luxurious hotel complex, Creative Aluminium Solutions can provide guidance and expertise from start to finish through our team of experts.